How much does it cost to pay by phone?
There is no cost to register or download the Park CC Mobile Payment Application. The parking rates for using the Park CC app are the same as the posted rates at the parking space, aside from the Park CC convenience fee. Convenience fees vary per space depending on your parking location. You will be notified of these fees before you complete your transaction.

Which credit cards are accepted?
Park CC accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

How do I pay by phone?
Once you complete the simple, one-time registration process, parking is hassle-free. When you pull up to a parking space that displays the Park CC signage, just open up the app, enter your unique location, enter your space number or license plate number, select the amount of time you wish to park for, and confirm your payment method. Park CC will ask you to confirm your purchase and then you’re good to go.

How can I be sure my payment went through?
Park CC will send an electronic receipt to your registered email address immediately following a successful transaction. This receipt is your proof of purchase and will include all details of the transaction that took place. Additionally, once your transaction is successful, you will be directed to the Active Session screen and can see the countdown timer of your remaining time.

How does the parking attendant know that I’ve paid using my phone?
Park CC payments are electronic and will not show on your parking space. However, the enforcement officer will be immediately notified of your payment through their handheld device.

I can’t add more time to my parking, why?
Park CC will not allow you to exceed the maximum time limitations displayed on the parking space. The same restrictions apply to Park CC customers as to those who pay traditionally through other means. For more information about parking restrictions, contact the local parking authority directly.

What if I receive a parking citation even though I paid using the app?
Although this is unlikely to occur, first check your email receipt to make sure the time of your online parking session matches the time the citation was given. Park CC does not issue citations or handle ticket violation disputes in our office. If all the information on your parking payment was correct and your parking session was valid during the time the citation was issued, the best way to dispute the violation is to contact the local parking authority directly.

Where can I use the pay by phone service?
Look for parking space displaying the Park CC signage.

Is my payment data secure?
Absolutely, your payment data is encrypted and kept confidential at all times. Park CC processes payments using the highest security standards in the industry.